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Health Insurance Board Benefit Package: Medicine List

by Public Health Update
S.N.Item NameProposed rate (NPR)
951Propanolol Hydrochloride 10mg Tab.1.5
952Propanolol Hydrochloride 20mg Tab.2.4
953Propanolol Hydrochloride 40mg Tab.2.6
954Propofol 1% 20ml Inj.251.8
955Propranolol 1mg/1ml Inj.187.5
956Protamine Sulphate 50mg Inj.65.1
957Psyllium Husk 100G Powder61.2
958Pushyanug Churna 100gm108.8
959Pyridoxine 100mg Tab.3.5
960Pyridoxine 10mg Tab.2.4
961Pyridoxine 40mg Tab.2.9
962Pyridoxine 60mg Tab.2.8
963Quetiapine 100mg Tab.8.3
964Quetiapine 25mg Tab.5.1
965Quetiapine 50mg Tab.7.4
966Quinine 300mg/5ml ml Inj. Amp42.9
967Rabeprazole 20mg Tab.8.4
968Rabeprazole 20mg Vial103.3
969Rabies Vaccine ,Amp482.6
970Ramipril 2.5mg Tab.6.7
971Ramipril 2.5mg+Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5mg Tab.10.3
972Ramipril 5mg Tab.11.4
973Ramipril 5mg+Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5mg Tab.26.5
974Ranitidine 150 mg Tab.1.3
975Ranitidine 25 mg / ml, 2ml Inj.4.9
976Ranitidine 50 mg/2 ml Inj. Amp6.3
977Recuronium Bromide 50mg/5ml467.5
978Rehydration Solutions(ORS)/Ltr8.5
979Repaglinide 0.5mg Tab.10.2
980Repaglinide 1mg Tab.5.6
981Repaglinide 2mg Tab.7.7
982Ringers Lactate 1000 ml Plastic Euro Head70.6
983Ringers Lactate 1000 ml Plastic Nipple Head63.8
984Ringers Lactate 500/540/ml Glass Bottle59.5
985Ringers Lactate 500/540/ml Plastic Euro Head53.6
986Risperidone 1mg Tab.2.5
987Risperidone 2mg Tab.4.2
988Risperidone 3mg Tab.6.2
989Risperidone 4mg Tab.7.5
990Rituximab 100mg Inj.5961.3
991Rituximab 500mg Inj.32269.7
992Rivastigmine 1.5mg Cap.12.8
993Rosuvastatin 10mg Tab.14.1
994Rosuvastatin 20mg Tab.20.3
995Rosuvastatin 5mg Tab.8.6
997Roxithromicin 150mg Tab.16.8
998Sadbindu Tail 300ml136.0
999Salbutamol +Bromohexine ,100ml,Expectorant56.7
1000Salbutamol 2mg Tab.0.4
List of medicines available under the Health Insurance Benefit Package in Nepal

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