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List of Medicines Available Under the Health Insurance Benefit Package in Nepal
Home Drug and Medicine Health Insurance Board Benefit Package: Medicine List

Health Insurance Board Benefit Package: Medicine List

by Public Health Update
S.N.Item NameProposed rate (NPR)
701Melphalan 5mg Tab.273.4
702Memantine 5mg9.4
703Meningitis  A+C1254.0
704Mensa 200mg Inj.36.9
705Menthol And Methyl Salicylate Cream174.3
706Mephentermine Sulphate 300mg, 10ml Inj.373.1
707Mephentiramine 30mg/1ml 10ml  Inj.390.3
708Mercaptopurine 50mg Tab.13.4
709Meropenem 1gm Inj.1100.4
710Meropenem 500mg Inj.599.3
711Mesalamine 400mg Tab.9.6
712Mesalazine Extended Release 1.2G Tab.34.4
713Metformin 1000mg Tab.5.1
714Metformin 500 mg Tab.1.7
715Metformin 850 mg Tab.2.7
716Metformin Hcl SR 1000mg+Glimpiride 1mg Tab8.3
717Metformin Hcl SR 1000mg+Glimpiride 2mg Tab11.3
718Metformin500mg+Glimepiride 2mg,Tab.9.5
719Metformine 500mg + Glemipride 1mg7.4
720Methotrexate 2.5mg Tab.7.1
721Methotrexate 500mg Inj.780.0
722Methotrexate 50mg/ml Inj.49.8
723Methotrexate 5mg Tab.11.2
724Methotrexate 7.5mg Tab.14.3
725Methotrexate 10mg Tab.15.7
726Methyl Pred.Acetate 40mg/1ml Inj.99.6
727Methyl Pred.Acetate 80mg/2ml Inj.136.5
728Methyl Pred.Sod.Succinate 500mg Inj. Vial949.7
729Methyl Pred.Sod.Succinate.1G Inj. Vial1993.9
730Methylcobalamin 1500mcg Tab.12.4
731Methylcobalamin 500mcg Tab.5.2
732Methyldopa 250mg Tab.3.8
733Methyldopa 500mg Tab.4.4
734Methylprednisolone 4mg Tab6.0
735Methylprednisolone Inj 125mg Vial1033.8
736Metoclopramide 10mg Tab.3.1
737Metoclopramide 10mg/2ml Injectoion Amp12.4
738Metoclopramide 5mg/ml,2ml14.2
739Metolazone 2.5mg Tab7.0
740Metolazone 5mg Tab35.3
741Metoprolol 12.5mg Tab.2.5
742Metoprolol 25mg Tab.3.4
743Metoprolol 50mg Tab.4.5
744Metoprolol 5mg Inj.19.9
745Metoprolol Succinate XL 12.5mg Tab.3.8
746Metoprolol Succinate XL 25mg Tab.4.4
747Metoprolol Succinate XL 50mg Tab.7.8
748Metoprolol Xl 100mg Tab.18.2
749Metronidazole +Clotrimazole (8Tabs/Pack)51.6
750Metronidazole 100mg + Diloxanide Furoate 125mg Syp.,5ml71.4
List of medicines available under the Health Insurance Benefit Package in Nepal

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