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100 MCQs for Master of Public Health

by Public Health Update

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100 MCQs for  Master of Public Health, MPHN & MHP&E – IOM, TU

1. Which of the following study determine prevalence of diseases?
a) Longitudinal study b) Case control study
c) Cohort study. d) Cross sectional study

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2. 85% cancer among smoker is-
a)Attribute risk b)Relative risk

3. In which of the following study relative risk is calculated? a. Case control study b. Cohort study
c. Longitudinal study d. Cross sectional study

4.Which of the following is the limiting amino acid?
a.soyabean b. Gram
c. lentils d. pea

5. Which of the following international conferences advocate the health promotion.
a. Ottawa charter b. ICPD
c. Beijing conference d.habitat II

6. According to Alma-Ata, elements of PHC are
a. eight b. three c. six d. five

7. Which of the following protein is reference is considered as reference protein.
a. egg b.meat c. milk d.all

8. Nucleo protein requires which of the following
a. folic acids b. nuclic acids c. ascorbic acid d.all

9. Measurement of climate change is in
a.decadal b.heptadal c.milidal d.all

10.Measure of water vapour per cu cm is-
a. absolute humidity b. relative humidity
c.both d. none

11. Daily dose of thiamine for adults is:
a.1mg b.2mg c.3mg d. none

12 John Snow located source of
a. cholera b. typhoid c .plague d. All

13.Inductive research was purposed by
a.aristotle b. Socrates c.plato d. none

14.Father of medical sociology-
a. Macintyre b. Hippocrates c. john snow d. none

15. Which of the following meats contains more cholesterol and triglycerides
a. pork meat b. beef meat c. fish d. all

16. Overall meteorology of geography is known as.
a. climate b. global warming c. climate change d. none

17. CDM stands for-
a. clean development mechanism b. community development mechanism
c. clear development model d. none

18. Preservative of sewage is called-
a. chloroform b. haloform
c. formalin d. all

19. Group affinity means
a. common interest i.e. we feeling b. vested interest
c. both d. none

20. Burden of disease is measured by:
a. Disability Adjusted life years(DALY) b. Physical Quality of life years (PQLY)
c. Health Adjusted Life Years (HALE) d. All of the above

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21. A baby is called low birth weight if he /she measures less than :
a. 2.5 kg b.1.5 kg c. 3.5 kg d. 2.2 kg

22. Most common side effect of IUD is
a. bleeding b.UTI(Urinary Tract Infection)
c. leucorrhoea c. amenorrhea.

23. Which of the following eliminate odour, taste and color from water:
a. chlorine b. potash c. ozone d. UV rays.

24. Infective stage of Entamoeba histolytica is:
a)trophozoite b)cyst c)sporozoite d)merozoite

25.The very important variable for assessing nutrition of under 5 children is/are:
a)weight b)height c)age d)all of above

26. Most common diarrhoeal agent for infant is:
a)rhino virus b)rota virus c)enterovirus d)E.coli

27.Constant presence of disease in an area during a period of time is :
a)endemic b)epidemic c)sporadic d)pandemic

28.Which is not the principle of management?
a)scaler chain of command b)division of work
c)hierarchial management d)discipline

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29.PNMR refers to:
a)post Neonatal mortality rate b)post natal mortality rate
c)perinatal mortality rate d)prenatal mortality rate

30.A baby is called exclusively breast feed if he/she is breast fed for:
a)2-3 month b)3-4 months c)3-5 months d)7-8 months

31.The vector responsible for leishmaniasis is:
a) mosquito b)bugs c) tsetse flies d)sandflies

32. Which method is suitable for teaching mother group about preparation of superflour:
a)demonstration b)group discussion
c) roleplaying d)exhibition

33. MDG stands for:
a)Medical Development Group b)Millennium Development Goals
c)Master Development Goals d)Management development goal

34. The nature of common source epidemic:
a)scattered effect b)explosive
c)more prevalence rate d)all of above

35. In any programme target refers to:
a)set of activities b)objective of programme
c) degree of achievement d)evaluation to be done

36. 8 years long study was done and at last 45 new cases per 1000 found and that last case is called:
a)prevalence rate b)incidence rate
c)primary case d)index rate

37. In any study, selection bias interfere:
a)internal validity b)external validity
c)face validity d)translation validity

38. Median age of old population, refers to population of age:
a)30 years b)>30 years c)30-40 years d)40-45 years

39. Among the following, common occupational disease in working place:
a)cardiovascular disease b)skin disease
c)mental disease d)endocrine disease

40. major source of air pollution in city is:
a)burning wood b)industries c)automobiles d)gas stove

41. Latrine intended to use for camps of longer duration is:
a)shallow trench latrine b)deep trench latrine
c)bore hole latrine d)water seal latrine

42. In any study nutritional status measurement is done through:
a)nominal scale b)ordinal scale
c)interval scale d)ratio scale

43. opportunistic infection is :
a)primary infection b)secondary infection
c)tertiary infection d)side effect of drug

44. Helisinki declaration was about:
a)women rights b)ethics in research
c)human rights d)gender issue

45. In quasi experimental study there is no :
a)no control b)no randomization
c)neither randomization nor control d)both randomization and control

46. obesity occurs due to:
a)more consumption of calorie b)more consumption of protein
c)more consumption of vitamins d)None

47. When people migrate within the same country ,it is called:
a)in migration b)emigration
c)outmigration d)immigration

48. clustrom protein coagulates due to:
a)albumin b)globulin c)fibrinogen d)prothrombin

49 .UN declaration on human right occurred in:
a)1948 b)1950 c)1946 d)1952

50 . Very simple probability is:
a)conditional probability b)marginal probability
c)binomial probability d)both (b)&(c)

51. Randomization is done in experimental study:
a)to eliminate selection bias. b)to select control
c)to eliminate confounding bias c)all of above

52 .when research topic is not novel and relevant:
a)correct it b)change it
c)read more about it d)review articles

53 .which of the following does not affect sample size?
a)site of the study b)population
c) time d)all

54 . when group do not became able to to make decision,then there should be:
a)democratic decision b)group should be dismissed
c)hip pocket decision d)group decision

55 .PERT means:
a)gender analysis b)network analysis
c)statistical analysis d)problem analysis

56 .Road to health card was designed by :
a)David Morley b)John Hopkins
c)kurt lewin d)john snow

57 .Iodine surveillance in community is done by:
a)testing iodine secretion in urine b)measuring iodine from packets
c)analysis of goiter prevalence d)data collection

58 .Population balancing equation indicates:
a)constant balance in population b)change in population
c)increase in population d)decrease in population

59 .Abstract of journal doesn’t contain:
a)methodology b)ethical consideration
c)conclusion d)sample size

60 . Sensitivity means;
a)true negative b)false negative
c)true positive d)false positive

61 . ascribed status is achieved :
a)by birth b)by adolescents
c)by mother d)by social norms

62 .very strong desire to do something refers to:
a)overt behavior b)covert behavior
c)perception d)attitude

63 .In the study of COPD which test will be suitable:
a)Z test b)t- test
c)chi-square test d)anova test

64 .Male and female rats experimented with 4 different drugs, then which of the following study is conducted.
a.chi square test b. z test
c. t test d. none

65 .validity stands for.
a. accuracy b. reliability
c. consistency d. all

66 .Selection bias interferes-
a. internal validity b. external validity
c. face validity c. all

67 .Targets means –
a. degree of achievement b. result that you want to achieve
c. both a. and b. d. none

68 .Nature of common sources epidemic
a. explosive b. slow
c. static d. all

69 . Median age of old population is
a. more than 30 years b. more than 40 years
c. 50 years c. 60 years

70 . MDG stands for
a Millennium Development Goals b. mild development goals
b Both a and b c. none

71 .Preparation of Super flour can be best done with
a. demonstration b.exhibition
c . both d. none

72. Cognitive skills related to
a. knowledge b. attitude
c. behavior d. none

73 .Covert behavior means
a. very strong desire to do something b. no any desire to do something
c. convincing behavior d. none

74 .FCTC stands for
a. framework convention on t Framework convention on Tobacco Control
Tuberculosis control
c. fact on tremendous care 75.POMA Stands for
a. planning , organizing, monitoring and appreciation
b. planning , organizing, monitoring, and application
c. planning, organizing, monitoring, apprehension.
d. all of the above

75. Vitamins that is related for coagulation is
a. Vitamin K b. vitamin c
c. Vitamin d. Vitamin A

76. Enlargement of vital organs is due to :
a. phospholipids b. glycolipid
c. phospholipase d. all

77.Global fund is:
a. multilateral b. bilateral
c. both a and b ` c. none

78. Alma Ata conference on Health was held in
a.12 September 1978 b. 14 September 1968
c. 14september 1978 d. none

79. Selective PHC
a. vertical program b. horizontal program
c. parallel program d. all

80. SAP stands for
a. reducing public sector subsidy b. increasing public sector subsidy
c. increasing government sector subsidy d. none

81.Precision stands for –
a. Reliability b. accuracy
c. consistency d. validity

82.More CO2 is generated from
a. fossils fuels b. kitchens(burning firewood)
c. industries d. all

83.Acid rain due to
a. SO2 b. H2SO4
c. HCL d. b. and c

84.Green house gas –
a. trap heat of planet b. reflects heat from the planet
c. reduces temperature of atmosphere d. all

85.Which of the following is the strength of Case control study?
a. rare disease b. bias can be minimized
c. temporal relationship can be established d. relative risk can be calculated

86.Which is not related to marriage?
a. Polygamy b. living together
c. love d. divorce

87.Which of the following is the social indicator?
a. CBR b.IMR c. CDR d. None

88.ICPD focus on
a. women RH issues b. child health issues
c adolescent health issues d. all

89. Main objective of IHP
a) disease control b) donor harmonizarion
c) health promotion d) research

90. Rejecting Ho when true-
a) type II error b) random error
c) systemic error d) type I error

91. According to NDHS 2006, in which birth spacing , IMR is more
a) 3 yrs b) 2yrs
c) 1yr d) 5yrs

92. Calculating formula of GFR
a) No. of live birth *1000/population of women of reproductive age(15-49yrs)
b) No. of live birth *1000/population of married women of reproductive age(15-49yrs)
c) No. of live birth *1000/Total population of women
d) No. of live birth *100000/population of women of reproductive age(15-49 yrs)

93. Parameter is related to
a) population b) sample
c) statistics d) variable

94. Health economics- increased competition do not interfere health services

95. Which of the following is not true about incidence in tuberculosis?
a) also known as annual incidence rate
b) also known as tuberculine conversion index
c) can be judged by percentage of person showing positive reaction to standard tuberculine test
d) expess the attacking force of tuberculosis in a community

96. Mass miniature radiography is stopped as general measure of case finding measure because of
a) lack of definitiveness
b) high proportion of erroneous enterpretation of film
c) low yield of cases commensurate with effort involed
d) all of the above

97. The main of antituberculosis is
a) bacteriological care
b) radiological care
c) prevent complication
d) contact tracing

98. Vibrio cholera are destroyed by all except
a) boiling b) drying
c) bleaching powder (1 mg/lit.) d) cresol

99. Which of the following opportunistic fungal infection is seen in AIDS?
a) candida b) Cryptococcus
c) coccidioides d) all of the above

100. Anti malaria month is observed in
a) april b) may
c) june d) july

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