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Primary Health Care & Nutrition MCQs, Master of Public Health

by Public Health Update

Primary Health Care & Nutrition MCQs for Master of Public Health, MPHN & MHP&E

1. First and foremost, element of PHC is
a. Immunization
c. Health education
d. Provision of safe drinking water
2. Ottawa charter 1986 is related to:
a. Reproductive health
b. Health promotion
c. Primary Health care
d. Population development
3. Jakarta declaration 1997 is related to:
a. RH
b. Health promotion
c. PHC
d. Population development
4. Istanbul declaration 1996 habitat II is related to:
a. RH
b. Health promotion
c. Population development
d. Health settlement
5. ICPD held in:
a. Egypt,cairo 5-13 September 1994
b. Egypt,cairo 5-14 September 1994
c. Egypt,cairo 5-13 September 1995
d. Egypt,cairo 5-13 September 1996
6. In which and when the assembly of WHO decided a movement which is known is known and when the assembly of WHO decided a movement which is known as HFA by the year 2000?
a. May 1997,39th assembly
b. May 1977,30th assembly
c. May 1977,31th assembly
d. May 1977,30th assembly
7. No. of the principles in ICPD is:
a. 10
b. 15
c. 17
d. 20
8. Which of the following is not included in the eight elements of PHC?
a. Essential drugs
b. Safe drinking water and sanitation
c. Maternal and child health
d. Occupational health
9. WHO day is on
a. July 7
b. March 7
c. April 7
d. June 7
10. Vitamin A is not related to,
a. Retinol
b. VAD
c. Keratomalacia
d. Rickets
11. Aflatoxin causes,
a. neurolathyrism
b. hepatoma
c. cholengio carcinoma
d. botulism
12. The reference protein is
a. Egg
b. Milk
c. Soybean
d. Meat
13. Cereal protein are deficient in,
a. Methionine
b. Lysine
c. Typtophan
d. Leucin
14. Highest source of energy among the following is :
a. Fat
b. Carbohydrate
c. Protein
d. Minerals
15. Vitamin A in vegetable source is called :
a. Retinol
b. Carotene
c. Panthothenic acid
d. Calciferol
16. Which antibody is at the higher concentration at colostrums?
a. IgG
b. IgM
c. IgA
d. IgE
17. Milk secretion in breast of mother is influenced by mother’s
a. Nutritional status states
b. Physiological state
c. Hormonal state
d. All of the above
18. ‘Let down reflex’ is responsible for the
a. Milk secretion
b. Milk ejection
c. Milk absorption
d. Milk digestion
19. ‘ Bitot’s spot’ is the characteristic feature of …………… deficiency
a. Calcium
b. Vitamin D
c. Vitamin A
d. Vitamin C
20. Exclusive breast feeding prescribe the absolute breast feeding upto the age of
a. 4 months
b. 6 months
c. 1 year
d. 2 years
21. Pyridoxine is the name for
a. Vitamin B6
b. Vitamin B12
c. Vitamin B1
d. Vitamin D4

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