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Sociology MCQs, Master of Public Health

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Sociology MCQs, Master of Public Health

1. Who gave the name sociology?
a. Auguste Comte
b. Herbert Spencer
c. Emiel Durkheim
d. Max Weber
2. The father of sociology is,
a. Auguste Comte
b. Herbert Spencer
c. Emiel Durkheim
d. Max Weber
3. Who is known as real father of sociology?
a. Auguste Comte
b. Herbert Spencer
c. Emiel Durkheim
d. Max Weber
4. Which is not the ascribed status?
a. Sex
b. Age
c. Nationality
d. Marital Status
5. Which is not achieved status?
a. Marital status
b. Racial status
c. Occupation
d. Education
6. The process by which people acquire culture from other is known as,
a. acculturation
b. Enculturation
c. Enaculturation
d. Inculturation
7. Handing down of opinion, customs, beliefs from generation to generation is known as
a. Tradition
b. Customs
c. Taboos
d. Folkways
8. The smallest unit of culture is known as
a. taboos
b. norms
c. mores
d. trait
9. Ecology and etiology is disease is related to
a. Sociology in medicine
b. Sociology of medicine
c. Eco-sociology
d. Etio-sociology
10. Wrong interpretation of sensation is known as
a. Illusion
b. Hallucination
c. Cognition
d. Delirium
11. Scientific examination of human behavior is
a. Civic science
b. Social science
c. Anthropology
d. None of the above
12. The term introvert extrovert was coined by
a. Carl jung
b. Sigmud freud
c. Erikson
d. Adolf mayer
13. IQ is calculated form
a. Chronological age
b. Menatal age
c. Height and weight
d. Both a and b
14. A normal person has IQ of
a. 70-79
b. 80-89
c. 90-109
d. 110-119
15. The idiot has an IQ fo
a. 0-25
b. 26-50
c. 51-70
d. 71-80
16. Standard of group behavior is
a. Norm
b. Values
c. Belief
d. Custom
17. Inability to experience pleasure is known as
a. unhappy
b. agitation
c. anhedonia
d. dejavu
18. normal range of mood with absence of depressed or elevated mood is
a. elation
b. euthymia
c. normal
d. intelligence
19. A perception that occurs in the absence of stimuli is
a. Delusion
b. Illusion
c. Hallucination
d. None
20. which of the following is correct
a. Id+superego=ego
b. Id+ego=superego
c. Ego+superego=id
d. None
21. Which of the following is not defense mechanism?
a. Sublimation
b. Substitution
c. Rationalization
d. Condensation
22. Bond between the parents and children and grand children and so on is ……kinship
a. Affial
b. consanguinal
c. Patriarchial
d. None
23. Set of expectancies with regard to postion is known as
a. Status
b. position
c. role
d. none
24. Manger post in organization is
a. Position
b. Status
c. Role
d. All
25. Age, sex and caste are set by
a. Achieved
b. Ascribed
c. Per-set
d. status-set

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