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Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) Syllabus for Health Services

by Public Health Update

Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) Syllabus for Health Services

The Public Service Commission (PSC) was established in Nepal for selecting meritorious candidates required by Government of Nepal for various vacant posts of the civil service. Public Service Commission as an independent constitutional body of Government. The syllabus for various positions under health services are enlisted here.

Federal PSC Syllabus

S. NoLevelGroupSub-groupPosition1st Paper2nd PaperSeats
18thOthersBiomedical Engineeringbiomedical engineer1st PaperOpen
29thMedicineEndocrinologyConsultant Endocrinologist1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
37thMedical Laboratory TechnologyMedical MicrobiologyMicrobiologist1st PaperOpen/Internal Competition
48thHomeopathyHomeopathic Doctor1st PaperOpen
59thSurgeryKidney TransplantConsultant Kidney Transplant1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
611thPathologyMicrobiologistChief Consultant Microbiologist1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
79thMedical Laboratory TechnologyMedical MicrobiologyChief Microbiologist1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
89thMedicineClinical GeneticsConsultant Clinical Genetics1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competiiton
99thSurgerySports and Arthroscopic SurgeryConsultant Sports and Arthroscopic surgery1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
109thSurgeryOrthoplasty and Reconstruction Surgeon SurgeryConsultant Orthoplasty and Reconstruction Surgeon1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
119thMedicinePulmonologyConsultant Pulmonologist1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
129thDentistryOral and maxillofacial SurgeryConsultant Oral and maxillofacial Surgeon1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
139thSurgerySpinal SurgeryConsultant Spinal Surgeon1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
149thDentistryGeneral Dental1st Paper2nd PaperOpen  Internal Competition
154thMedical recordsJunior Medical Recorders Assistant1st PaperOpen/Internal Competition
169thPhysiotherapyउप-Chief Physiotherapist1st Paper2nd PaperOpenInternal Competition
1711thCommunity/Public HealthNursing1st Paper2nd PaperOpen/Internal Competition
1811thSurgeryNeuro SurgeryChief Consultant Neuro Surgeon1st Paper2nd PaperOpenInternal
1911thMedicineTropical MedicineChief Consultant Tropical Medicine1st Paper2nd PaperOpenInternal
2011thMedicineMedical oncology11th1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
2111thMedicineForensic Medicine11th1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
225thHealth EducationHealth Education Technician1st PaperOpen/Internal Competition
239thAyurvedaSalya and Sanghyaharan1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
249thAyurvedaShalakya1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
2511thPharmacy1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
269thSurgeryGeneral Surgery1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
279thPathologyHisto-Pathology1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
289thPathologyHematology1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
2911thSurgeryCardiothoracic1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal
3011thMedicineNeurology1st Paper2nd PaperOpen & Internal

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