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The Government of Nepal has endorsed the Nepal Health Sector Strategic Plan 2023-2030 (2079/80–2087/88). Here is the official version of the approved document.

Vision, Mission and Goal of Nepal Health Sector Strategic Plan 2023-2030

Vision: Healthy, productive, responsible and happy citizens

Mission: Ensure fundamental health rights of the citizens

Goal: Improved health status of every citizen

Guiding principles

This strategic plan adopts following guiding principles aligning with the National Health Policy 2019:

  • Universal access and social protection in health
  • Aligned and coordinated health systems
  • Multi-sectoral collaboration and health in all policies
  • Targeted approach to reach marginalised and vulnerable population
  • Public investments and governance
  • Professionalism and ethical practice
Strategic objectives, outcomes, outputs and interventions

This strategic plan has adopted five strategic objectives, fourteen outcomes, and 29 outputs to be achieved during the period of 2022-2030.

  1. Strategic objective 1. Enhance efficiency and responsiveness of health system
  2. Strategic objective 2. Address wider determinants of health
  3. Strategic objective 3. Promote sustainable financing and social protection in health
  4. Strategic objective 4. Promote equitable access to quality health services
  5. Strategic objective 5. Manage population and migration
  1. OC 1.1. Skill-mixed human resources for health produced and mobilized
  2. OC 1.2. Evidence- and equity-based planning
  3. OC 1.3. Safe and people friendly health infrastructures
  4. OC1.4. Ensured uninterrupted availability of quality medicine and supplies
  5. OC1.5. Improved governance, leadership, and accountability
  6. OC1.6. Public health emergencies managed effectively
  7. OC2.1. Reduced adverse effects of wider determinants on health
  8. OC2.2. Citizens responsible for their own, family and community health
  9. OC3.1. Improved public investment in health sector
  10. OC3.2. Improved social protection in health
  11. OC4.1. Improved quality of health services
  12. OC4.2. Reduced inequity in health services
  13. OC5.1. Maximized demographic dividend and managed demographic transitions
  14. OC5.2. Systematic migration and planned settlement practiced



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