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National e-Health Strategy 2017, Ministry of Health and Population

by Public Health Update

National e-Health Strategy 2017, Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal

Ministry of Health & Population(MoHP), Government of Nepal released National e-health Strategy 2017.


E-Health facilitates the delivery of equitable and high-quality healthcare services to enable all Nepali citizens to enjoy productive and quality lives


E-Health solutions strengthen Nepal’s health systems by improving  the use of information and evidence in planning, managing and supporting public health and clinical interventions

Guiding Principles and Strategic Pillars

The National e-Health Strategy is guided by the following four overarching principles:
  1. Respects people’s right to health information
  2. Ensures that e-Health approaches and solutions are centred around: population at large, health clients, service providers and health workers, and public health managers and decision
  3. Fosters collaboration and partnership with state and non-state actors
  4. Strives for cost-effective, standardized, efficient, interoperable and user friendly e-Health solutions and applications
The National e-Health Strategy stands on the following three strategic pillars:
  1. GOVERNANCE AND FOUNDATION: This pillar covers basic infrastructure required to enable the effective electronic sharing of information across the health sector which includes standards and interoperability, legislation, policy and compliance, leadership, coordination mechanism to ensure successful implementation of e-Health initiatives. This also includes investments for the different e- Health initiatives.
  2. CHANGE AND ADOPTION (HUMAN RESOURCE AND CAPACITY): This pillar covers actions that need to be carried out to encourage and enable participants in the healthcare system to adopt e-Health solutions and change their work practices to be able to use these solutions effectively.
  3. SOLUTIONS (SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS): This pillar covers ICT systems and tools to address the high-priority needs of population, health clients, service providers and health workforce, and healthcare managers and decision makers.


The goal of the National e-Health Strategy is to harness the potential of ICT technologies to improve health services, health governance and management



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