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International Trials Day Competition 2016 #Happy International Clinical Trial Day!!

by Public Health Update
Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on or near May 20 each year in order to celebrate the day that James Lind started what is often considered the first randomized clinical trial aboard a ship on May 20, 1747.

ICT day 2

International Trials Day Competition 2016
The first ever clinical trial was run in 1747 by James Lind, a surgeon on board a ship, who noticed that some sailors were getting scurvy and others weren’t. He randomised his subjects into two groups, and supplemented the diet of half of the sailors with fruit and vegetables, to determine whether this would improve their scurvy.
Clinical Trials are now one of the most important tools in research to determine whether there is evidence for different treatments. We are proud to work in clinical research, and hope you are too. To celebrate the importance of this work, Global Health Trials is launching today an important new competition.

What could we win?
The winner of the competition will win the funding to hold an important one day skills-sharing workshop in their institution. The aim of the competition must be to build local research capacity in some way; other than that the subject is up to you. For example, the topic could be research ethics; introduction to research; how to conduct ethics in research in outbreaks; how to engage the local community for research; how to initiate a new project – anything that will help local groups to conduct research better or more ethically. The requisites are:
  • The workshop must be open to staff of all levels (investigators, nurses, lab staff, data managers, statisticians, etc) 
  • Preference will be given to topics which are relevant to all
  • The workshop must be free to attend
  • The workshop must be open to local institutions and not for your institution alone
  • The location must be a low/middle income country
Running this workshop will not only help to build local research capacity, but it will also be a great way of promoting the work done at your own site – and fantastic experience for you as well. Materials from the event, including a report, will be shared online, so it’s also excellent experience of publishing a report in your name.

How would it work?
Global Health Trials has worked with individuals in many institutions to run similar workshops previously, and will provide you with support throughout the process of organising the workshop. You will need approval from your institution before applying to run a workshop. We will set up a contract with your institution to transfer the funds and you will be responsible for the organisation of the workshop in terms of organising room bookings, refreshments, etc. We will provide funding up to a maximum of 2,000GBP for this, and will assist you in finding speakers for your chosen topic. During the event you will need to take photographs – or if you like, audio-record the event; you will need to send the presentations and a report of the day after the event to be shared online. We will send merchandise such as pens, lanyards etc. Ultimately the running of the workshop and its success is your responsibility, but Global Health Trials will assist you to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

What do I have to do?
To apply for this opportunity, you should work with your team to come up with an innovative idea for a workshop which will help to build local research capacity. You can download the application form here. Make sure you have clearly read the aims of the competition. You should email the completed form to [email protected].

How long do I have to prepare my application?
The competition opens on International Clinical Trials day (20th May) and will be open for one month. You must submit your application by 20th June 2016, 12pm GMT. Late applications will not be accepted. 
Terms and Conditions
  • Applicants must be members of Global Health Trials. Membership is free and open to all, so if you aren’t a member yet then simply register before entering.
  • The workshop must be in a low/middle income country
  • ONE first prize winner will win funding up to 2,000GBP maximum total to run a one-day workshop at their site. The funding MUST go to an institution rather than an individual, and will be paid subject to the successful completion of the workshop (i.e. if the workshop is not run, the institution will not get the funding). A contract will be arranged explaining the responsibillities of the groups. 
  • If additional expenses are incurred for unplanned costs, these will need to be covered by the institution organising the workshop; the maximum funds available are 2000 GBP and this is subject to an itemised budget plan which will be agreed in advance by both parties in a contract, and cannot be altered except in writing by approval of both parties.
  • This funding will be used to cover the expenses for the day, but does not cover expenses, per-diems or daily rates for attendees or speakers.

  • All applications will be judged by The Global Health Network. A short list will be taken forward to a judging panel of senior researchers and the winners will be announced in mid July 2016.
  • Applications are to be sent following instructions shown on the competition advertisement and are to be received by 20th June 2016
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they have permission from their research site or institution to enter the competition, and run the workshop if succesful 
  • The Global Health Network/Global Health Trials may use all material submitted to the competition in future research and for sharing/embedding on The Global Health Network.
  • No cash alternative is available for competition winners.
  • Judge’s decision is final.
  • Applicants must submit photographs of the event, as well as the presentations and a meeting report, which will be shared online via Global Health Trials.

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