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Sanchita Subedi

Type 2 diabetes has been a serious problem of today’s world. It has been increasing with the increased low physical activity, day to day stressful lifestyle. Diabetes Mellitus-2 is a non-communicable disease which has been seeing in adults mostly with the age ranging above 30. There’s no permanent cure for Diabetes Mellitus-2 but along with the proper diet, regular physical activities and healthy lifestyle can reduce the risks of Diabetes Mellitus-2 and also it helps to maintain the blood sugar level. But if the person is already diagnosed with Diabetes then along with the diet and exercises the medication and insulin therapy is also needed in some cases.

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It’s always a better day to start with morning exercises. Regular exercises helps to prevent and reduce the risks of the cardio-vascular diseases and the risks of the kidney failure also the blindness that may happen in the severe conditions. The following regular exercises can be done to help reduce the Blood glucose level in the body and promote the health conditions.

  1. Walking

Walking can be the effective exercise to make the body fit and healthy. Regular walk for 30 mins every morning with the fresh air would help to maintain the blood glucose level in the body. The comfortable cloths with the pair of shoes would help to maintain the freshness all day long.

2. Cycling

Cycling can be the effective major to help reduce the blood glucose level with the regular ride. The cycling can give the body a heat to reduce the weight. But in the cases like joint pains, arthritis, osteoporosis the cycling will make the condition worse so better to avoid the cycling. But some exercises like: Aerobic exercises can be a better one.

3. Swimming

Regular swimming helps to maintain a fitness in the body. Swimming exercises helps to maintain the blood glucose level in the body. A fresh morning start with a swimming in the pool can make the entire day stress-free. The swimming exercises helps to reduce the risks of obesity.

4. Sports

Sports is the way of making a body healthy and fit. There are many sports which helps to reduce the risks of obesity. The sports with a week of interval can be the best effort to be taken to help the people’s who are already at the risk of diabetes to lessen the future complications. The sports like: Badminton, Tennis, volleyball with the peers would be the best to maintain the blood glucose level.

5. Relaxation Techniques

The regular relaxation techniques can help to maintain the day to day stressful lifestyle.  The relaxation techniques like: meditation, breathing exercises in the morning will help to maintain the stress. The day start with the mindfulness will help to maintain the peace of mind entire the day.

6. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises can be the best one to maintain the regular fitness of the body and reduce the risks of the obesity. The regular aerobic exercises can be the best workout for the entire day to be fit. The everyday 15 minutes of exercise can help to reduce the severe condition of obesity.

7. Home Work-Outs

The simple exercises at home would be the better one to help the people who cannot maintain their time for the gym centers. The home workout like; push-ups, squats, simple jumping exercises can help to maintain the healthy life style. The workout for 30 mins with the regular morning will help to maintain the physical fitness the entire day.


Regular start of the day with the yoga helps to maintain the daily stress. The Yoga techniques practiced in the morning will help to maintain the blood glucose level and also help to the weight loss journey. The yoga is found to be the best exercise which can be done anywhere. The regular yoga for 25 mins which help to boost the day.

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