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Air pollution has become a serious environmental concern and a public health risk in Nepal. Government of Nepal has taken various initiatives for the control of air pollution. Air quality monitoring program is one of the initiative of the Department of Environment, Ministry of Forests and Environment.

The main purpose of the establishment of the Air Quality Monitoring network stations is to provide the basis for decision makers to perform air quality management and increase the public awareness.

Department of Environment is planning to set a network of air quality monitoring network throughout the country. The data from air quality monitoring can be accessed through http://pollution.gov.np

Air Quality Monitoring Stations in Nepal

Status: Running
Latitude; 28.05275
Longitude: 81.6222

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.489522
Longitude: 83.279089

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.9914
Longitude: 82.5346

GBS, Pokhara
Status  Running
Latitude: 28.258
Longitude: 83.968

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.573483
Longitude: 84.498578

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.156708
Longitude: 84.997761

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.608483
Longitude: 85.547803

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.673762
Longitude: 85.417528

Status  Running
Latitude: 27.73457
Longitude: 85.342576

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.672503
Longitude: 84.438393

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.4226747
Longitude: 85.0344161

Bhimdatta (Mahendranagar)
Status: Running
Latitude: 28.965051
Longitude: 80.182925

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.682581
Longitude: 85.318841

DHM, Pokhara
Status: Running
Latitude: 28.205817
Longitude: 83.97361

Status: Running
Latitude: 28.678541
Longitude: 81.472938

Status: Running
Latitude: 26.98066
Longitude: 87.34392

Status: Running
Latitude: 27.65311
Longitude: 85.302252

Status: Running
Latitude: 26.739805
Longitude: 85.92854

Status: Running
Latitude: 26.4450921
Longitude: 87.2750912

Status: Running
Latitude: 29.5082222
Longitude: 82.0939167

PU Pokhara
Status: Running
Latitude: 28.143122
Longitude: 84.08551

Status: Running
Latitude: 26.669363
Longitude: 87.703262

Status  Running
Latitude: 27.7
Longitude: 85.31

Status: Running
Latitude: 28.704133
Longitude: 80.5945

Status: Running
Latitude: 26.664451
Longitude: 87.195171

TU Kritipur
Status: Running
Latitude: 27.681719
Longitude: 85.289313

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