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Health Sector Progress Report 2018, Ministry of Health & Population

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Health Sector Progress Report 2018, Ministry of Health & Population:
Progress of the Health Sector in FY 2074/75, Ministry of Health & Population

Major Achievements in FY 2017/2018 ( FY 2074/75)

Ministry of Health & Population (MoHP) carried out various activities in the fiscal year 2017/18. The majority of the activities were in continuity with the NHSS (2016-2021), but the annual work plan and budget process were changed due to the transition to the federalism. As a result, various activities have been shifted to the federal, provincial and local governments.

The following activities were the major achievements of FY 2017/2018;

  • The transition plan to manage federalism in health was developed together with external development partners (EDPs) and is being implemented.
  • The MoHP was reorganised as per the new structure under federalism.
  • The Basic Health Care Package has been defined.
  • The Minimum Service Standards for Hospitals and Health Posts has been developed.
  • The program implementation guideline for local levels was prepared and made available on the MoHP website.
  • Dissemination of Nepal National Micronutrient Survey 2016 was carried out. (Survey Result-Download) 
  • An interaction program with provinces was carried out by the MoHP to discuss on progress and challenges in the health sector in September 2018.
  • Altogether 56 districts have been declared “Fully Immunized” out of 77 districts. 
  • Fractional dose of Injectable Polio Virus (fIPV) vaccine has been introduced in the National Immunization schedule. (DOWNLOAD INFORMATION ABOUT FIPV) 
  • Of the total 32,747 ever reported HIV infected persons, 16,428 persons are on AntiRetroviral Treatment (ART)
  • As of November 2018, more than 1.5 million members have been enrolled in the Social Health Insurance program with 36 districts covered.
  • All the Palikas have at least one birthing centre to provide delivery service.
  • Procurement Improvement Plan (PIP) for FY 2016/17-2020/21 is prepared and has been endorsed. The Procurement and Public Financial Management (PPFM) committee at MoHP and Consolidated Annual Procurement Plan (CAPP) Monitoring Committee at departmental level is monitoring the progress of PIP implementation.
  • Pre-bid and Post-bid information systems including technical specification bank (TSB), (electronic) logistics management information system (LMIS/e-LMIS), quality assurance plan (QAP), contract management system (CMS)s have been activated.
  • Federal level CAPP prepared and endorsed.
  • Two Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for procurement and electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) have been prepared, endorsed and distributed to local and provincial levels. (Download: Procurement Handbook 2074)
  • Standardization of procurement process through new standard bid documents (SBD) for the health sector initiated and e-GP-II implemented in the bidding process.
  • Internal Control Guidelines were revised and endorsed by MoHP in July, 2018.
  • The financial management review (FMR) templates were revised and approved by MoHP on 16 May 2018 as a requirement of the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLI).
  • One-Stop Crisis Management Centres (OCMC) have been established, one in each of the forty-four districts.
  • Total of thirty-two Social Service Units (SSUs) in referral hospitals have been established.
  • Urban Health Centres expanded and Community Health Units operationalised in strategic locations across 77 districts. (DOWNLOAD UHPC Guideline) 
  • Social Audit has been implemented in 2,138 health facilities across 77 districts.
  • Geriatric health services are available in eight referral hospitals.
  • Development of the training manual based on the Standard Treatment Protocol for Prescribers and the Reference Manual.
  • e-Reporting of the health management information system (HMIS) expanded to total 1200 health facilities.
  • Health facility registry has been developed and made available on the MoHP website.
  • A web-based routine data quality assessment (RDQA) tool and e-learning package have been developed and made available on the MoHP website.

Highlights of 2018/19

A short extract from Health Sector Progress Report 2018 (Executive Summary), Page VI, VII & VIII)

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT: Health Sector Progress Report 2018 (http://www.nhssp.org.np)

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