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Post COVID-19 Conditions Management Protocol

by Public Health Update

The Curative Service Division, DoHS has released a new guideline on Post COVID-19 conditions Management Protocol.

Scope of the document

  • This document contains information for Healthcare workers who are providing care for patients previously diagnosed as COVID-19 (tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 or history suggestive of COVID-19 but not tested) or those who are at risk of developing Post COVID-19 conditions.
  • This document will be updated as and when new evidence becomes available.


  1. This document provides a plan of action for a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach and coordinated care for patients with Post COVID-19 conditions.
  2. It makes recommendations about Post COVID-19 care in all healthcare settings from community level health care settings to tertiary level.
  3. It makes recommendations about Post COVID-19 care for adults, children, elderly and pregnant women.

Summary and Recommendations

For Healthcare providers

  • Suspect Post COVID-19 conditions if patients present with new or ongoing symptoms
  • Use screening questionnaire along with clinical assessment – comprehensive clinical history (physical, cognitive, psychiatric symptoms) and appropriate examinations.
  • Assess functional abilities and limitations – Listen emphatically
  • Use holistic, patient-centered approach
  • Shared decision – Involve patients in the decision making process
  • Provide support for people with disabilities, underserved and vulnerable groups
  • Offer tests and investigations tailored to patient’s symptoms and signs
  • Rule out other differentials and manage pre-existing comorbidities
  • Provide time for follow up in person/remotely of admitted patients during discharge
  • Refer if patient can’t be managed at the facility or doesn’t improve with treatment
  • Refer urgently, after initial resuscitation, if – hypoxemia or severe respiratory distress, cardiac chest pain, pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome or organ dysfunction requiring acute care, sudden deterioration and worsening of symptoms
  • Ensure effective information sharing between services – maintaining clinical records.

For Policy makers

  • Special multidisciplinary Post COVID-19 clinics (‘one stop’ clinics) or special hours, dedicated patient care pathways or online support tools
  • Surveillance and record keeping – using standardized questionnaires and assessment tools, as well as International Collaboration for research
  • Use of telemedicine and non-profit organizations for patient support
  • Funding for Post COVID-19 programs
  • Educational documents, videos both for public and health care providers through national portals and trainings of healthcare personnel for Post COVID-19 care and rehabilitation.
  • Feedback of Post COVID-19 care and care pathways and updates as required.

Download Guideline


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