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Department of Health Services (DoHS), Ministry of Health and Population

The overall purpose of the Department of Health Services (DoHS) is to deliver preventive, promotive and curative health services throughout nepal. The DoHS is one of three departments under Ministry of Health & Population(MoHP).

Health posts are the first institutional contact point for basic health services. These lowest level health facilities monitor the activities of Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and the community-based activities of Primary Health Care Outreach Clinics (PHC-ORCs) and Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) clinics. In addition, they are the referral centres of FCHVs as well as venues for community based activities such as PHC-ORC and EPI clinics. Each level above the health post level is a referral point in a network from PHCCs on to primary and secondary level hospitals, and finally to tertiary level hospitals. This hierarchy is designed to ensure that most of the population can receive public health and minor treatment in accessible places. Inversely, the system works as a supporting mechanism for lower levels by providing logistical, financial, monitory supervisory and technical support from the centre to the periphery.

Organogram and Reporting Mechanism of Nepalese Health System in Federal Context


Organization structure: Organogram of Department of Health Services (DoHS)

The following five centres have a degree of autonomy in personnel and financial management

  • National Health Education, Information and Communication Centre (NHEICC)
  • National Health Training Centre (NHTC)
  • National Centre for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC)
  • National Tuberculosis Centre (NTC)
  • National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL)

Department of Health Services (DoHS) has following five divisions and three sections;

Similarly,DoHS has two sections;

  • Administration Section
  • Finance Administration Section


Department of Health Services (DoHS), Ministry of Health and Population

Department of Health Services (DoHS), Ministry of Health and Population

Organization structure: Organogram of Department of Health Services (DoHS)

Organization structure: Organogram of Department of Health Services (DoHS)

Functions of Department of Health Services (DoHS)

  • Advise the Government of Nepal (GoN) on formulating health related policies and developing and expanding health institutions in line with these policies.
  • Determine the required human resource for health institutions and developing them by preparing and implementing short and long term plans.
  • Manage the procurement and supply of drugs, equipment, instruments and other logistics at regional, district and below levels.
  • Coordinate activities and mobilize resources for the implementation of approved programmes.
  • Manage the immediate solution of problems arising from natural disasters and epidemics.
  • Establish relations with foreign countries and international institutions to enhance and develop health services and assist MoHP in receiving and mobilizing foreign resources by identifying areas of cooperation.
  • Encourage the private sector and non-government and foreign institutions to participate in health services, maintain relations and coordination, and control the quality of health services by regular supervision and monitoring.
  • Manage free medication and treatment for severe diseases (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, head injuries, spinal injuries, renal failure and sickle-cell anaemia and Kidney Dialysis, Kidney Transplant and Kidney Treatment) for impoverished citizens.
  • Manage information systems related to health facilities, health services, logistics, training and finance to support the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of health programmes.
  • Maintain data, statements and information on health services update & publication of DoHS Annual Report.
  • The financial management of DoHS, and the settlement of irregularities.

For updated information, please visit official website of DoHS

Department of Health Services, Teku, Kathmandu,Nepal
977-1- 4261712, 977-1- 4262238


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Information was collected from various documents, reports and government publications. 

Recommended Citation: Public Health Update. Department of Health Services (DoHS), Ministry of Health and Population [Internet]. [cited 2020 Jul 1]. Pokhara. Nepal. Available from: https://www.publichealthupdate.com/department-of-health-services-dohs-ministry-of-health-and-population/

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