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Management Division, Department of Health Services

General management of Department of Health Services is assigned to Management Division (MD). Management Division is responsible for planning, integrated supervision, monitor programme implementation status and carry out periodic performance reviews. Information management, building construction and maintenance of public health institutions, monitoring and evaluation of health programmes and quality assurance of health services. These functions are carried out in close coordination with each of the respective programme divisions within the DoHS.

Management Division aims to establish of a functional linkage among different information systems through appropriate use of technology to foster better use of information for monitoring and planning.

This Division is also responsible for the management of environmental health and health related waste. This division functions with its four sections namely Logistics Management Section, Environmental Health and health waste management Section, Infrastructure Development Section and Integrated Health Information Management Section. Operating Manual (Procedure), 2068 (third edition) for Department of Health Services describes the responsibility of this division in information management, planning, coordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the health programs.

The division is also responsible for monitoring the delivery of quality health services through all types of health institutions. Furthermore, it monitors the building construction and maintenance of public health institutions and provides supports for maintenance of medical equipment. More activities are assigned to this division as directed by NHSP, policies and plans that include mental health, oral health, health care waste management,health facility upgrading and renewals and nursing related programs.

Areas of responsibility

Health Information Management, Infrastructure development, Environmental health and Logistics management


The Management Division has major objective to support health programs and DoHS in overall to accomplish their service delivery functions which include in major to;

  • Facilitate and coordinate among concerned divisions and centres to prepare annual plans, programmes and to make necessary arrangements to get approval from the National Planning Commission (NPC) and MoF.
  • Make arrangements for the preparation and compilation of annual budgets and programmes of regional health directorates, HD and HOs.
  • Support quality improvements in the health sector.
  • Manage the HMIS
  • Manage and coordinate the construction and maintenance of buildings and other public health infrastructure including the maintenance of biomedical equipment.
  • Process for approval the establishment of private and non-government health institutions.
  • Process for approval new public health institutions and their upgrades.
  • Make arrangements for capacity building of human resources in public health
  • Support information technology related to health information, dissemination and management.


  • Integrated Health Information Management Section
  • Infrastructure Development Section
  • Environment Health and Health Care Waste Management Section
  • Logistic Management Section
Functions and responsibilities of Management Division

Integrated Health Information Management Section

  • To facilitate the Ministry of Health and Population to build policy, rules, directories, criteria and protocols related to the national level health management information system.
  • Making timely updates and techniques for effective management of health information.
  • To developed, expand, information systems like HMIS,LMIS,HIIS, in integrated system
  • Determine and modify the level indicators for national level health information
  • To prepare and publicly report the annual and periodic reports by disseminating related information related to health.
  • To empower the Integrated Health Information System for the ability to institutionalize different levels.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with the regional and local level for health care related information management and implementation.
  • Coordinating and facilitating the preparation of plans for the supermarkets under the department.
  • Updating the monthly, quarterly, annually report of the division and preparing the final report.
  • The necessary assistance will be made to formulate the overall plan of the ministry from the department

Infrastructure Development Section

  • To facilitate the Ministry of Health and Population to build national policy, rules and criteria related to the physical structure and equipment of health institutions.
  • Storing and maintaining physical infrastructure and equipment of health institutions.
  • To facilitate the establishment of a national plan of essential infrastructure development to the health institutions.
  • Coordinating with stakeholders for the management of necessary infrastructure of health institutions.
  • To cooperate for the development, updating and regulation of the Hospital Building.
  • To facilitate monitoring, monitoring and quality of health care and equipment.
Environment Health and Health Care Waste Management Section
  • It has been established to handle the work as per the responsibility of monitoring the quality of drinking water, waste materials and air quality and determining criteria for quality and quality in the work of association of the Union, State and local government. The work of this branch is as follows:
  • To facilitate and facilitate environmental health policy, directories, guidance, criteria and construction of documents.
  • To facilitate monitoring, study, research and regulation regarding the impact of health by drinking water, air and overall environment.
  • Helping Ministry of Health and Population to prepare national laws, policies, rules, criteria, protocols regarding healthcare, waste management.
  • To facilitate management of fossil scientists, emerging from the health institutions of the Union, Territory and local level.
  • Monitoring and regulating the management of the fossil scientists coming out of the organization’s health institutions.

Logistic Management Section

  • To support the Ministry of Health and Population to construct national laws, policies, directories, quality criteria, protocols regarding purchases and supplies.
  • Support the Ministry of Health and Population to prepare and update national standards, health and equipment criteria and specification banks at national level.
  • Purchase of essential health materials such as vaccinations and family planning equipment and supply at the state level.
  • Purchase and supply of essential tools, equipment and medicines at the state and local level
  • Coordinated and co-coordinating institutionalizing national level supply management information systems.
  • Managing essential materials in the departments of departments.


977-1-4257765 +977-1-4257765 Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal https://www.mddohs.gov.np/eng

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Information was collected from various documents, reports and government publications. 

Recommended Citation: Public Health Update. Management Division, Department of Health Services [Internet]. [cited 2020 Jul 2]. Pokhara. Nepal. Available from: https://www.publichealthupdate.com/management-division-department-of-health-services/ 

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