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Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) Programme- IOM, Tribhuvan University

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The bachelor degree program in public health is designed for individuals seeking academic professional training in public health. The program equips students with the specific knowledge and skills of public health and its promotion necessary for a career in settings ranging from government health institutions, national and international non-governmental organizations, voluntary and for-profit agencies to community-based agencies.

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The program familiarizes students with fundamental knowledge and skills of public health and application in managing public health programs. The course aims to produce professionals with degree of bachelor of public health (BPH) in order to achieve better management of quality public health services to maintain a healthy life to contribute in the socio-economic development of the country.

Objectives of BPH programme

General Objective

The overall objective of BPH program is to prepare competent and responsible public health graduates needed for the country to respond to the health needs of people.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the program is to enable the graduates with Bachelor in Public Health degree to-

  • Explain relevance of basic health sciences in public health
  • Appreciate behavioral, socio-cultural, economic and other dimension of health and diseases
  • Analyze health systems from public health perspective – effectiveness, efficiency, equity and justice
  • Manage – plan, implement, monitor and evaluate – health  systems, programs and services
  • Train and manage human resources for health
  • Conduct health research for evidence based decision making process in public health
  • Demonstrate leadership to organize and mobilize community to address health problems

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Scope of degree of Bachelor in Public Health

Public health graduates will have a wide range of working scope in public and private sectors, as well as in service and academic sectors. The graduates with BPH degree can serve as public health officer or other position at the national, regional, district and community level in the government; in national and international non government organizations. With their competency in academic area, public health graduates can work in the training and research institutions. As further career opportunity, public health graduates are eligible for Master in Public Health (MPH) programme and other relevant master programmes.

Duration of the programme

Bachelor in Public Health is a four academic year programme which includes 6 months practicum in the final years.

The course outline
There will be a total of 2,800 marks in the course. These marks are equally distributed over four years of the programme – 700 each year. There are 24 papers with 100 marks each, and the practicum in the final year will carry 400 marks.

The course outline

Year 1

  • Basic Science I
  • Basic Science II
  • Biostatistics
  • Population studies and Informatics
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Environmental Health I
  • Public Health and Primary Health Care

Year 2

  • Family Health I
  • Health Promotion and Education I
  • Epidemiology I
  • Environmental Health and Occupational Health II
  • Medical Sociology and Anthropology
  • Public Health Administration and Management I

Community Health Diagnosis

Year 3

  • Family Health II
  • Health Promotion and Education II
  • Epidemiology II
  • Health Economics and Health Financing
  • School and Community Health
  • Public Health Administration and Management II

District Health Field Practice

Year 4

  • Public Health Research methodology And Public Health Project Planning and Development
  • Health System Management and International Health

Individual Health Research

Comprehensive Public Health Practicum

Mandatory research paper in the Fourth Year

Teaching learning approaches

  • Class room based didactic lecture
  • Selfdirected learning
    • Seminar
    • Assignments presentations
    • Group work
    • Library study
  • Demonstration
    • Public health lab
    • Basic health science
  • Observation visit
    • Health Institutions
    • Public health related institutions/organizations
  • Community and health institutional based education
    • Community Health Diagnosis – 30 days residential field
    • District Health system management – 60 days residential field
    • Practicum in district – Organizational experience in the management of health programs

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