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WHO GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal

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The Department of Drug Administration (DDA) has updated the list of WHO GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal. Here is the updated list of registered pharmaceutical companies that are certified for World Health Organization Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO GMP).

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP, also referred to as ‘cGMP’ or ‘current Good Manufacturing Practice’) is the aspect of quality assurance that ensures that medicinal products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the product specification. GMP defines quality measures for both production and quality control and defines general measures to ensure that processes necessary for production and testing are clearly defined, validated, reviewed, and documented, and that the personnel, premises and materials are suitable for the production of pharmaceuticals and biologicals including vaccines. GMP also has legal components, covering responsibilities for distribution, contract manufacturing and testing, and responses to product defects and complaints. Specific GMP requirements relevant to classes of products such as sterile pharmaceuticals or biological medicinal products are provided in a series of annexes to the general GMP requirements. (WHO)

S.NoPharmaceutical Company
1Alive Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
2Amtech Med Pvt. Ltd
3Apex Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
4Apple Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
5Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
6Bhaskar Herbaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
7Biogain Remedies Pvt. Ltd
8CTL Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
9Curex Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
10Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
11Everest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
12Florid Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
13Genetica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
14Grace Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
15Grace Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
16Hester Biosciences Nepal Pvt. Ltd
17Kasturi Pharmaceuticl Pvt. Ltd
18Lomus Parenterals and Formulations Pvt. Ltd
19Lomus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
20Magnus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
21Maruti Pharma Pvt. Ltd
22National Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
23Nepal Pharmaceuticals Lab. Pvt. Ltd
24Nova Genetica Pvt. Ltd
25Ohm Pharmaceuticals Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
26Omnica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
27Panas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
28Pharmaco Industries Pvt. Ltd
29QbD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
30Qmed Formulation Pvt. Ltd.
31Quest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
32Samar Pharma Company Pvt. Ltd
33Siddhartha Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
34Simca Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
35Sumy Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd
36Supreme Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
37Time Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
38Unique Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
39Vega Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
40Vijayadeep Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
WHO GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Companies in Nepal

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