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NHRC CPD Guidelines for Providing Credit Hours to Participants of Research Trainings and Conferences

by Public Health Update

NHRC Guideline for CME/CPD Accreditation (For Health Science Professionals)

This guideline is applicable for providing credit hours for health professionals
attending research trainings and participating in health research related
conferences,, summits, workshops, and seminars.


The Nepal Health Research Council is a national apical body responsible for
providing scientific study and quality health research in the country with the
highest level of ethical standards. It started as a Nepal Health Research Committee under the Ministry of Health, chaired by the Secretary of Health in 1,982 AD (BS 2039). On 11 April 1991 (29 Chaitra 2047 BS), the committee was developed as the Nepal Health Research Council, a statutory and autonomous body as promulgated by the Nepal Health Research Council Act No. 129 of the year 1991 of Government of Nepal. With the consent of the Council of Ministers under Article 129 of the constitution of the Government of Nepal, 1990 enacted the NHRC. The primary responsibility of the NHRC is to acts as a national regulatory body for maintaining technical and ethical standards of health research within the country.

NHRC also acts to promote and coordinate health research and research communication.

It has been regularly publishing a bio-medical journal and organizing scientific
sessions/ trainings/workshops/summits to make the health professionals fully upto-date with the advances in health science and research.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in health science is very essential for quality health research and quality service delivery. With ever increasing
importance of CPD, NHRC in consultation and cooperation with stakeholders like
(Nepal Medical Association (NMA), professional societies, academia and health
ministry: has come up with the establishment of a system of accreditation of
Continuing Professional Development [CPD) credits.

CPD and Aims of CPD

CPD is any learning outside of undergraduate or postgraduate education that helps to maintain and improve performance of health professionals in context of health research. It covers the development of your knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors across all areas of health research. It includes both formal and informal learning activities.

CPD activities should maintain and improve:

  • The quality of health research conducted by professionals in different fields.
  • Keep professionals engaged in health research updated about the latest Development in field of health research.
Credit hours to be awarded

Participant will be awarded:

  • One credit points for one hour of participation in trainings.
  • Presenter/Facilitators will be awarded two credit points for one hour of presentation.

Entry into force: 15 November 2Ol7


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