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May Measurement Month! MMM18! #checkyourpressure

by Public Health Update

May Measurement Month! MMM18! #checkyourpressure

May Measurement Month is an initiative led by the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and endorsed by the World Hypertension League (WHL).  It grew out of World Hypertension Day, which was launched by the WHL in 2005 to raise awareness around blood pressure worldwide. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness around blood pressure worldwide.
May Measurement has expanded this into a global synchronised screening campaign and took place for the first time during May 2017.  Over 100 countries took part in the inaugural year and screened over 1.2 million people, making this the world’s largest public blood pressure screening programme. 
In Nepal, May Measurement Month for Hypertension-Nepal is a nationwide blood pressure screening campaign, aimed at addressing the increasing burden of hypertension in Nepal.

If you are interested to participate in this campaign and organize a local screening event in your
health institution, school, offices and neighbourhood. Please contact campaign coordinator
Dr. Sweta Koirala, at email: [email protected]

May Measurement Month for Hypertension-Nepal

Become a Volunteer ?? Apply Now !!

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Prevention is key and individuals can reduce their risk by following these 10 guidelines:

  1. Maintain a healthy body weight
  2. Exercise for an average of 30 minutes a day
  3. Eat plenty of  fruit and vegetables – daily
  4. Cut down on salt consumption
  5. Reduce fat and sugar intake
  6. Don’t smoke tobacco
  7. Reduce caffeine 
  8. Don’t drink too much alcohol – stick to daily recommendations
  9. Add beetroot and beetroot juice to your diet
  10. Avoid stress where possible and allow time for relaxation

Source of information : May Measurement Month


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