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Emergency Drug list of Nepal 2002

by Public Health Update
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S.No. Name of Drug Dosage Form & Its Strength

1 Acetylcystene Powder

2. Activated Charcoal Powder 25G, 50G, Suspension

3. Adrenaline Injection, 1mg/ml 

(Epinephrine) 1:1000 solution

4. Acetazolamide Tablet, 250mg

5. Aminophylline Injection, 25mg/ml in 10-ml ampoule

6. Atenolol Injection, 5mg /ml

7. Atropine Sulphate Injection, 0.6mg in 1-ml ampoule

8. Adenosine Injection, 3mg/ml

9. BAL(Dimercaprol) Injection, 50mg/ml

10. Calcium Gluconate Injection, 10%

11. Chlorpromazine Injection, 25mg/ml in 2-ml vial

12. Dexamethasone Injection, 4mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

13. DICA-EDTA (EDTA Clacium Parenteral)

14. Digoxin Injection, 0.25mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

15. Diazepam Injection, 5mg/ml in 2ml vial

16. Dobutamine Injection, 12.5mg/ml in 20 ml ampoule

17. Dopamine Injection, 40mg/ml in 5ml ampoule

18. Frusemide Injection, 10mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

19. Glyceryl Trinitrate Sublingual tablet, 0.5mg,

20. Heparin Injection, 5000 Units/vial

21. Haloperidol Injection, 5mg/ml in 1ml ampoule

22. Hysocine n-butylbromide Injection, 20mg/ml in iml ampoule

23. Hydrocortisone Powder for Injection, 100mg

24. Insulin (Soluble) Injection,40IU/ml in 10ml vial

25. Ipecauanha Syrup

26. Isoprenaline Injection, 20mcg/ml

27. Isosorbide dinitrate Subligual tablet, 5mg

28. Intravenoue Fluids(IV fluids) 5% Dextrose 540ml  10%Dextrose 540ml  5%Dextrose with sodium chloride 540ml Ringer lactate 540ml 0.9% Sodium Chloride 540ml

29. Ipratopium Bromide Aerosol Inhalation

30. Ketamine Injection, 10mg/ml, 50mg/ml in 10 ml vial

31. Lignocaine Injection, 1%, 25 in 30 ml vial, Gel 2%, Topical 

32. Lignocaine (Xylocard) Injection, 21.3mg/ml in 50ml vial

33. Mannitol Injection, 20% in 300ml vial

34. Magnesium Sulphate Injection, 50%, 10ml (5gm ampoule)

35. Methyl-ergometrine Injection 0.2mg/ml in 1 ml ampoule

36. Metoclopramide Injection, 5mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

37. Morphine Injection, 10mg/ml in 2-ml ampoule

38. Naloxone Injection, 0.4mg/ml in 1 ml ampoule

39. Noradernaline(norepinephrine) Injection,1mg/ml in 1 ml ampoule

40. Nitroprusside Injection – 50mg

41. Nifedipine Capsule, 5mg

43. Oxytoxin Injection, 5units /ml in 1ml ampoule

44. Paracetamol Injection, 150mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

45. Pethidine Injection, 50mg/ml in 1 and 2 ml ampoule

46. Pheniramine maleate Injection, 22.75 mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

47. Phenobarbitone Injection, 200mg/ml in 1ml ampuole

48. Phenytoin sodium Injection, 50mg/ml in 5 ml ampuole

49. Pilocarpine Eye drop, 2%,4%

50. Polygeline with Electrolytes IV solution, 3.5%

51. Polyvenum Antisnake venum Injection

52. Propanolol Injection, 1 mg / ml

53. Phytomenadione (Vit K) Injection 10mg/ml

54. Potassium Chloride Injection,150mg/ml in 10ml ampoule

55. Pralidoxime (PAM) Injection,25mg/ml in 20ml ampoule

56. Protamine Sulphate Injection, 10mg/ml in 10ml ampoule solution,4%

57. Quinine Sulphate Tablet, 200mg

58. Ranitidine Injection, 25mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

59. Salbutamol Respiratory solution, 5mg/ml in 15ml vial

60. Silver sulphadiazine cream 1%

61. Sodium bi-carbonate Injection, 75mg/ml in 10ml ampoule

62. Sodium Stibogluconate Injection, 100mg/ml

63. Streptokinase Injection,1.5million IU

64. Tetanus Toxoide Injection, 0.5ml

65. Thiopentone Injection,0.5gm 1gm per ampoule

66. Verapamil (Isoptin) Injection, 2.5mg/ml in 2ml ampoule

67. Suxamethonium ( Succinylcholine choloride) Injection 50mg/ml – 2ml ampuole or 10ml 

68. Ephidrine Injection 30mg/ml – 1ml ampoule

69. Hydrallazine Injection, 20mg/ml – vial

70. Paraldehyde injection, 5ml

71. 25% Dextrose Injection

72. Amiodarone Injection 50mg/ml, tablet 100mg
73. Ipratopium Bromide  (Respiratory Solution) Nebulizer vial

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