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Declaration of The Alliance of Public Health Associations of The Americas

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Declaration of The Alliance of Public Health Associations of The Americas

American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting 2019 concluded with success. The theme for 2019 was Creating the Healthiest Nation: For science. For action. For health. The meeting agreed upon a Declaration containing following key points;

Public health does not have borders. Beyond the cultural differences among countries which comprise the region of the Americas, our responsibility is to confront the current main global public health challenges.

The development of relationships based on solidarity allows us to better understand these challenges to stimulate and generate appropriate responses. Together we can build bridges that allow us to better respond to current challenges.

Economic growth must contribute to full human fulfillment, focusing on the individual, the family and the community, including environmental protection and preservation. Only then can democracy, justice and equity be guaranteed.

It is of concern that current policies result in an increase of inequities, the deterioration of the quality of life, and limit fundamental social rights, threatening human dignity and the common good.

In this context, many governments allow the irresponsible exploitation of their natural resources, thus perpetuating cycles of poverty. Current models of development threaten the environment, working against sustainability, stimulating corruption, and breaking the law.

Predatory practices of industries such as pharmaceuticals, unhealthy foods, tobacco and alcohol, all focus primarily on commercial interests over public health. This is a major public concern.

The violent cycles in our countries are further exacerbated by the greed of multinational corporations, institutions or individuals, and their behaviors which infringe upon legal and/or ethical principles.

Our commitment with Public Health obligates us to act as political subjects in building a better world.

The Alliance of Public Health Associations of the Americas is committed to this mission and invites the entire health community and civil societies to join us in reaching this goal.

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