High burden, low budget: NCDs in low and middle income countries


”Low-income and lower-middle-income countries accounted for a higher percentage of the total population. The burden of Non-communicable diseases was also high but the investment to deal with NCDs was low.” The Financing Global Health report shows.

Summary info: The Financing Global Health report

  • ‘Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for 67% of all deaths yet only receive 2% of the funding to improve health in low-and middle-income countries.’
  • High-income countries spent $5,551 per person on health, upper-middle-income countries spent $949, lower-middle income countries spent $266, and low-income countries spent $110. Six high-income countries account for as much spending as the rest of the world combined.
  • In 2015, countries with the lowest rates of HIV prevalence spent the most (65%) on HIV/AIDS. Spending per case was also highest in these countries at $2,788. By contrast, countries with high prevalence rates spent 17% ($731 per case), and countries with extremely high prevalence spent 18% ($681 per case).
  • DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE FOR HEALTH (DAH): Non-communicable diseases, other infectious diseases, and maternal, newborn, and child health had the largest annualized percent change in DAH from 2010 to 2017 at 7%, 5%, and 4%, respectively.
  • UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE: There is great variation in expected health spending around the world.

Financing Global Health 2017 is the ninth edition of IHME’s annual series on global health spending and health financing. 

DOWNLOAD:  Financing Global Health report

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