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Mother’s Milk Substitutes (Control of Sale and Distribution) Act, 2049 (1992)

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Mother’s Milk Substitutes (Control of Sale and Distribution) Act, 2049 (1992)

To implement International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes Nepal government formulate an act named ”Mother’s Milk Substitutes (Control of Sale and Distribution) Act, 2049 (1992)”. The Act provides for the establishment of a breastfeeding protection and promotion committee, defines its internal organization and lays down its duties and powers which include: to supervise the compliance with this Act; to review and approve the labels submitted by the manufacturers and distributors which are in conformity with the provisions of this Act; and to formulate a national policy for the protection and promotion of breastfeeding. The Act further specifies the acts prohibited by manufacturers and distributors and makes provision for: the certification of products from the central food laboratory; the labeling of products; and the conformity to the standards of the Nepal Bureau of Standards.

Nepal Breast Milk Substitute Regulation, 1994

This regulation is a set of rules framed by the Government of Nepal to implement and achieve the objectives of Mother’s Milk Substitute (Control of Sale and Distribution) Act 2049. It provides detailed rules to be abided by inspectors appointed to monitor the provisions of the Act; by health workers on accepting donations of equipments, products and accepting scholarship or a grant; and by manufacturers and distributors on donating goods and equipments, marketing and labeling. The rules to be abided by the Breastfeeding Protection and Promotion Committee for the approval of submitted applications, certification of product and approval of label are also given. 

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