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Guidelines for YOGA Practitioners for COVID-19

Yoga may play significant role in the psycho-social care and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in quarantine and isolation. They are particularly useful in allaying their fears and anxiety.


Guidelines for YOGA Practitioners for COVID-19  provides guidelines for yoga professionals (Certified Yoga teachers/ instructors and therapists etc.) to teach a safe set of Yoga practices based on available scientific evidences, to novices in all walks of society as a service to humanity during this pandemic of COVID -19.

Department of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (DoAA)


This is complimentary to all measures that have been adopted. Yoga based life style modules which can be used for different sections of the society in the present scenario are presented with the following objectives.

  • To improve general immunity among the population.
  • Prehabilitation of vulnerable populations (children, elderly and those with comorbid conditions such as diabetes and hypertension) and to those patients in isolation/quarantine with or without mild symptoms.
  • To add-on Yoga based interventions and Meditation practices in covid-19 cases in isolation and hospitalization for psychosocial care.

To reduce disease susceptibility in high risk population This guideline recommends evidence based safe and simple yoga practices as mentioned above that promote health of the respiratory, cardiovascular and the immune systems.


This guideline consists of;

  • Yoga based lifestyle modules for health promotion in healthy population; Yoga Based life style module to improve immune resilience in healthy population of all age groups.
  • Common Yoga Protocol
  • Yogic Diet
  • Abstinence from substance abuse including tobacco,alcohol and other addictive drugs
  • Yoga based life style to hospitalized cases without acute respiratory distress.
  • Yoga Practices for prevention, rehabilitation and to increase immunity. (Do’s/ Dont’s/Benefits)
  • Common Yoga Protocol- 10 minutes
  • Common Yoga Protocol- 20 minutes
  • Common Yoga Protocol- 45 minutes



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