Home Guest Post Are we ignoring the traditional medicine and inviting the poison calls in Corona Battle?

Are we ignoring the traditional medicine and inviting the poison calls in Corona Battle?

by Public Health Update

Are we ignoring the traditional medicine and inviting the poison calls in Corona Battle?

Renu Ghimire

I guess no one had expected that we would be having such a long break from the world which was always in haste. Always in haste; in the sense of new discovery, innovation and for the steady development. We are now heading towards one of the biggest catastrophe anyone hadn’t experienced before and no one knows how this will end and what the result it shall bring. Renowned as: The Pandemic call of the Corona Virus or the COVID-19. It has affected more than 4 million lives along with health threats to 7 billion people all around the globe spreading in 216 territories. The increasing threats has forced people to be more concerned towards its prevention. Among all, the topmost priority is sanitary measure along with widespread use of disinfecting sprays and sanitizers for cleaning surface and hands. World Health Organization specifically recommends all individual to regularly and thoroughly clean their hands with an alcohol-based hand-rub or wash them with soap and water along with frequently disinfecting high-touch surface to cease the increasing Corona Infection.

Moreover, the rising use of certain product seems to specifically drive the increase of the poison calls, including products such as bleach, non-alcoholic disinfectants and hand sanitizers with the most common exposure route being inhalation. The National Poison Data System of United States, Jan 1st 2020-March 31st 2020, has reported that during the first three months of 2020, poison control centers nationwide received more than 45,500 calls about cleaners and disinfectants, about 20% more than the same period of 2019. Adding on to national context, number of Corona infection case has reached 292 while 2 people have died. Along with the chances of extension of lockdown, the use of disinfectants and sanitizer is more likely to increase creating shortage, in which people are more likely to buy them randomly and less likely to check the content which might increase the chances of chemical hazards, poisonings and allergies. Likewise Sanitizing tunnels have been installed at various place of the country which is basically used to kill the germs that are on the external surface of the body. But still, there is no clear data about its effectiveness and the amount of chemical used in it.  

Similarly, the present situation of Corona illustrates the increasing infection rate in our country with 357 confirmed cases along with 2 deaths. We can’t deny the fact that we are equally into the risk of getting it. Along with obeying lockdown rule, adopting necessary precautions by washing hands frequently, disinfecting surface timely and the use of sanitizers, we need to brainstorm on measure that is accessible, available and affordable as well. As nose is the main portal of entry for Coronavirus, we have to focus on nasal hygiene as we emphasize on hand hygiene. Nasal hygiene yoga called Jalneti, alone can prevent Coronavirus, middle ear infection, clear nasal blockades, ease asthmatic condition and the benefits are even more. This is just an example on how eastern medicine or traditional medicine help to combat Corona.

Furthermore, Eastern medicine/ Traditional medicine works with the elements like earth, fire, wood, metal, and water to interpret the relationship between the physiology and pathology of the human body and the natural environment while Western medicine uses vital signs like height, weight, and body temperature, and general appearance for health examination. They both are important in their own ways. All we need is a new way to connect eastern and western medicine at the molecular and systematic level so that more intervention will come up with least side effects and more effectiveness. Therefore, my topic of concern is about finding more measures for prevention of the gigantic public health crisis like this, which we are facing now if eastern medicine go side by side with western medicine. After all, Corona prevention is our main motto.

 Presently, there is no specific vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 and many clinical trials evaluating potential treatments are ongoing. Corona is likely to infect those with low immunity so we have to boost our immunity first. Eating varieties of food rich in vitamin, mineral and fiber, having proper sleep and moderate exercise for about 30 minute per day will help us to be healthy and stay active. We need to follow some natural modalities including plentiful of hydration and rest, prevention of minor illness through home remedies and use of adaptogens like turmeric, garlic, ginger, pepper etc that helps us to counteract the effects of stress on the body and helps in hormonal balance. For mental wellbeing, stress management is equally important. Practicing yoga helps to calm our body, mind and soul. Following our hobbies or the stuffs we love to do makes us happy. And the foremost measure is self-consciousness that comes from within.


Renu Ghimire, Student, Bachelor of Public Health (7th Semester), Pokhara University


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Are we ignoring the traditional medicine and inviting the poison calls in Corona Battle?

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