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The Global Implementation Conference (GIC) 2021

by Public Health Update

The Global Implementation Conference (GIC) is one of the world’s leading implementation conferences. Hosted biennially by the Global Implementation Society (GIS), the conference aims to promote implementation science, practice, and policy and their active application in human services in order to contribute to socially significant benefits to people and society. Previous GIC Conferences have engaged delegates from 25 countries representing a wide range of disciplines. With a focus on addressing equity and building capacity throughout the world, GIC 2021 will continue to engage the expanding global implementation community through dialogue and interactive learning opportunities.

The conference will feature cutting edge implementation research and real-world application of implementation practice and policy in diverse contexts and help to overcome inequity in human service systems by targeting its root causes.


Our conference audience includes individuals and organizations that use, evaluate, support, and promote effective implementation practices.  The core audience for the GIC include the “changemakers” within systems, including implementation specialists, applied researchers, quality improvement managers, purveyors, intermediaries, implementing organizations, implementation networks, funders, policy makers, decision makers, and students. The GIC emphasizes the application of implementation science and effective implementation practices at its core, with implementation research serving a foundation for translating evidence to applied settings.


GIC 2021 will explore a wide range of topics over four days of lecture, interactive workshop sessions, storyboard sessions, and networking events, including:

  • Systems thinking in implementation design
  • Scaling and sustainment
  • Equity and inclusiveness
  • Implementation capacity and readiness assessment 
  • Cross-cultural fidelity and adaptation
  • Cost-effectiveness measurement and tools  
  • Leadership and change management
  • Implementation capacity and readiness assessment 
  • Using technology in high- and low-resource settings 
  • Implementation strategy selection/intervention mapping

The GIC 2021 conference program is designed to engage delegates in a learning and networking experience that facilitates:

  • Sharing of lessons learned from implementation work
  • Expanding networks between people working in a variety of disciplines, systems, and regions of the world
  • Increasing knowledge of implementation science to inform improvements in systems, organizations, and communities
  • Understanding how to apply implementation frameworks, strategies, practices, and tools to achieve socially significant improvements

To achieve these objectives, presenters are encouraged to develop sessions that emphasize:

  • Authentic and interactive engagement of delegates
  • Listening and learning that is solution-focused
  • Applied learning with the goal to actively use newly acquired knowledge, skills, and tools post-conference

This Call for Proposals 

This Call for Proposals invites presenters from the global implementations community to submit proposals for a virtual storyboard forum pairing brief video overviews with visual abstracts and a chat feature to allow interaction with attendees around the world.

Deadline:  October 16, 2020

Key Dates    

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION CLOSED   October 16, 2020   5:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time


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