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Call for Nomination! Eye Health Heroes 2021

by Public Health Update


The Eye Health Heroes 2021 programme will continue the momentum we started in 2020, recognising and celebrating young and upcoming frontline staff, volunteers, support staff and more within the eye health sector.  

In 2021, we are seeking nominations for Eye Health Heroes within three categories from across the eye health sector including those working in clinical, hospital, research, INGO/NGO, business and public policy settings.    

Nominees may be working on the front line tackling the response to COVID-19, research and development, advocacy, programmes, sales, business, support services or clinical areas linked to ophthalmology and optometry.  

Eye Health Heroes are open to anyone working across eye health, who are aged 35 and under.  


Eye Health Heroes can be nominated in any one of the following categories:
  1. Change-makers are motivated to act. They turn good ideas into action and they keep trying until they have made a difference.  From embedding eye health in health systems, changing corporate behaviour or bringing about policy change they are actively bringing positive change through their actions.  
  2. Innovators embrace new ideas and create new possibilities and outcomes.  They challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of knowledge to develop new approaches, systems or appropriate technologies in eye health.     
  3. Future Leaders emerge at all levels and in all roles across eye health.  They have some shared characteristics; they are high performers in their roles, influence others, show potential and are open to learning, failing and growing.  They have strong people building skills – leaders build leaders and they can unite others and help them see new possibilities.

Nomination Criteria:  

  1. Eye Health Heroes should be aged 35 and age under and  at the point of nomination 
  2. Eye Health Heroes should be someone who is recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader, be a change maker, or innovator in the eye health sector  
  3. Eye Health Heroes are from across the eye health sector including those working in clinical, hospital, research, INGO/NGO, business and public policy settings 
  4. Eye Health Heroes must be able to attend the virtual awards ceremony  
  5. Each organisation can nominate one individual per category to win an Eye Health Hero award 
  6. Eye Health Hero nominations are open to all organisations within the eye health sector 

Nomination Process:  

  1. In no more than 500 words, please explain why you are nominating this person referring to the criteria listed in your chosen category  
  2. We require a quote from the nominee to promote and celebrate their nomination 
  3. Please address the descriptions listed in the categories in your statement 
  4. High resolution photograph (40 MB maximum size) 
Key Dates:
  • Nominations open on Tuesday 10 August 2021
  • Nominations close on 29th October 2021
  • The winners will be announced end of November 2021

EHH 2021 Nomination Form

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