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WHO launches a digital version of its Model list of Essential Medicines (EML)

by Public Health Update

WHO launches a digital version of its Model list of Essential Medicines (EML)

The World Health Organization has launched a new easy-to-access, digital version of its Model list of Essential Medicines (EML). The move will revolutionize the way this core WHO reference tool is used.

More than 150 countries currently use the WHO list to work out which medicines best meet their national health contexts and priorities, so they can compile their own national essential medicines lists.

What is eEML? 

The eEML is a comprehensive, freely accessible, online database containing information on essential medicines. The eEML combines detailed medicine information (e.g. pharmaceutical) data with comprehensive evaluation of benefits, harms and costs (e.g. effectiveness, safety, implications for health care systems) information. Most importantly the eEML provides the data related to the status of a medicine as an essential medicine. Because of its well-defined scope, identifying those medicines that everyone should have access to at all times, and that all governments should ensure are available – and affordable – to their populations, the eEML provides a blueprint on which countries can base their own national lists. It is a key tool for achieving universal health coverage.
Furthermore the eEML is widely used by the pharmacists, physicians, health professionals, students and the general public to identify those medicines that make a difference.


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