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National Female Community Health Volunteer Program Strategy (First Revision 2076)

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National Female Community Health Volunteer Program Strategy (First Revision 2076)

Goal: The goal of FCHV program is to support the national goal on health through community involvement in public health activities. This includes imparting knowledge and skills for empowerment of women, increasing awareness on health related issues and involvement of local institutions in promoting health care.

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Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) Programme, Nepal


  • To activate the women for tackling health problems by imparting relevant knowledge and skills
  • To prepare a pool of self-motivated volunteers as a focal person for bridging the health programs with community.
  • To prepare a pool of volunteers to provide services for community-based health programs
  • To increase the participation of community in improving health
  • To develop FCHV as a motivator of health
  • To increase utilization of health care services through demand creation

Role of FCHV

  • The main role of FCHV will be concentrated on the health promoti onal activities of mothers and children in their working area. Besides, they will also help in promoti ng uti lization of available health services and raise awareness on health through MGH
  • FCHV will help in various health programs such as family planning, safer motherhood, newborn care, immunizati on, nutrition, communicable and epidemic diseases, acute respiratory diseases and diarrheal diseases control, environmental sanitation, health education and other national programs
  • FCHV will also provide recommended services like drug distribution and diseases management as directed by Nepal government based on community based approach
  • Other health programs also might involve FCHV through their guidelines. However, the involvement of FCHV in other programs should be mandatorily endorsed by central level FCHV Coordinati on sub-committee.
  • FCHV has to submit an annual report to local health institution and her MGH.
  • FCHV has to submit a monthly report of her activities to local health worker or supervisor every month
  • FCHV can be selected by her respective MGH for a term of 5 years
  • FCHVs are entitled to abide by the code of ethics.

Explanation of logo: 
When a small pebble is thrown into a pond, it creates a wave, which gradually spreads all over the surface of pond. Similarly, the activities of FCHV starts at ward level and gradually spreads to VDC level. Subsequently, the district will be covered with such actions and ultimately, whole nation will be developed through FCHV’s action The innermost circle shows that the action starts at community or ward level by individual FCHV, (as community is the center of health activities) Second circle shows the action is spread in the enti re VDC Third circle depicts whole district will be covered by FCHV’s actions The outermost circle shows that the action of FCHV will cover the whole nation. (National Female Community Health Volunteer Program Strategy)
Selection of FCHV
A meeting of MGH will select FCHV on the following basis. The decision of selection of a new FCHV should be communicated formally to local health institution and local government.
Basis of selection of FCHV

  • Permanent resident of the related ward of VDC
  • Interested to work as FCHV for at least 10 years
  • Age between 25-45 years d) Married or single (priority to be given to women having up to 3 children in case of a married woman)
  • Having commitment to serve the community
  • Priority will be given to those, who can read and write
  • Priority will be given to women from Dalit, Janajati and Marginalized groups
  • Those who are interested to be FCHV will have to submit an application to MGH
  • However, those women who are involved in a paid job, will not be allowed to be FCHV.


  • FCHV attaining the age of 60 years will be bidden honored farewell on the recommendati on of MGH
  • A letter of honor as well as a designated amount of money may be provided to the retiring FCHV after serving satisfactorily for a period of years.
  • Retiring FCHV will be requested to be a honored member of the MGH
  • Retiring FCHV might continue to get the benefits of an active FCHV like obtaining free essential health care as per the guidelines.

DOWNLOAD : National Female Community Health Volunteer Program Strategy

Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) Programme, Nepal

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