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WHO launched a new community-driven platform KAP for NCDs

by Public Health Update

The World Health Organization launched a online portal The KAP for sharing information about NCDs, interaction and inspiration. The Knowledge Action Portal (KAP) is a community-driven platform which is an interactive online platform for noncommunicable disease (NCD) interaction, information, and inspiration. It is an interactive portal which will act as a central focal point for online resources for those wishing to find the common goals to beat NCDs.  
It acts as a social network for the NCD community, where users can upload, read, share and collect NCD resources, as well as to interact, inform and inspire other users.  The KAP showcases resources from leading NCD actors from around the world, connecting these to new audiences within and outside of the NCD space. It provides a space for engaging conversations with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect individuals within the NCD community, while bringing new perspectives into the space. 


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