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National Guideline on Prevention,  Management and Control of Dengue in Nepal

by Public Health Update

National dengue guidelines was first developed in Nepal in 2008 based on the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines 1997 which was revised in 2011. This revised national guidelines on dengue prevention, management and control, 2019 aims to provide a technical ‘gold-standard’ advice on all aspects of dengue using the latest internationally adopted definitions, protocols and guidelines. It also provides simple, and easy to reference content, which can be printed and displayed on the walls of doctors rooms, wards or simply held in the hands of health workers who are spreading awareness on dengue within their local communities.

Aim of the guidelines

  • To provide current and robust guidelines for each of the core areas of seasonal and epidemic dengue prevention, management and control in Nepal.


  1. To support dengue control and prevention activities.
  2. To provide pragmatic country-specific guidelines with reference to international gold standards.
  3. To provide guidance and new standards to all stakeholders.
  4. To provide country case studies for dengue prevention, management and control.
  5. To align and build collaboration between stakeholders.
  6. To provide a number of annexes that can be used as quick reference tools.



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