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Universal Health Coverage Day 2019: Major Events in Nepal ??

by Public Health Update

Universal Health Coverage Day 2019: Major Events in Nepal ??

Universal Health Coverage Day is celebrated annually on December 12 to raise awareness of the need for strong and resilient health systems and universal health coverage (UHC). On the occasion of UHC Day following events are registered on Universal Health Day Global Campaign Website for Nepal. 

1) Panel discussion, TV talk show, and Media mobilization organized by Ageing Nepal

The following community services will be conducted to mark UHC 2019:
Tai Chi also called meditation in motion will be taught to older people that will help them to reduce stress, improve focus, increase energy level and improve overall health. A cleaning campaign will be organized in the community to raise awareness of keeping the environment clean by picking up litter in streets and other public spaces. It will be a step towards a healthier world to live in. Pamphlets with messages on health for all will be designed and distributed throughout the campaign. It will allow people to know more about the UHC 2030. A documentary by Dr. Sharad Bhattarai on diabetes will be shown to older people to provide in-depth information and how they can live a healthy life despite living with the disease. An eye camp will be conducted in collaboration with other local organizations in Kathmandu. The camp will provide service to more than 100 poor and marginalized people particularly older people.

The Ageing Nepal team will conduct a photo stunt in a community with older people and other age groups to make them aware of the day and its importance. The photos will be widely shared through social media for mass awareness. An awareness building session will be organized in a college where 30 under graduate students will be made aware of the mental health of older people and UHC 2030. A peer group discussion of around 15 older people will be organized to find out the health issues of older people. Each activity with short description and photo will be widely shared through social media with suggestehashtagsgs.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

2) High Level Multi-Stakeholder Panel Discussion on Universal Health Coverage at Provincial Level organized by BHORE

High Level Multi-Stakeholder Panel Discussion on Universal Health Coverage at Provincial Level: A high level multi-stakeholder panel discussion on universal health coverage will be organized at provincial level in Province 2. The province 2 is among 7 provinces in Nepal. Nepal has started its federal structure implementation in last couple of years. Thus, achieving universal health coverage at provincial level is utmost important to achieve UHC at national level. So, now it’s high time to make UHC movement strong at provincial and local level to achieve UHC at national level. The province 2 has the lowest status of health indicators among all seven provinces and is much below the national status. Considering the newly formed government at provincial and local level after, the political commitment and capacity building of provincial and local level government is essential to achieve UHC.
Location: Janakpurdham 




3) Panel Discussion Program on “Universal Health Coverage in Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges” and Rally organized by Nepal Public Health Students’ Society

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal




4) Rally organized by Nepal Public Health Research and Development Center PHRD Nepal 

Nepal Public Health Research and Development Center PHRD Nepal will conduct a rally on 12 December 2019 in Kathmandu Valley. PHRD Nepal is expecting participation from more than 250 health professionals, students and other stakeholders which will transform in into mass meeting. Further, presentations with themes of the key asks of the UHC movement will be given by officials of the Health Insurance Board, health economists, UN representatives, public health experts, members of academia and civil societies representatives. The event will be covered by social media and will increase awareness of the key actions need to achieve UHC through presentations involving high-level stakeholders.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

5) Health quiz on ‘‘Universal Health Coverage Day 2019.’’ organized by Public Health Update
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Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/publichealthinfo/photos/a.330040660427286/2432551490176182/

Universal Health Coverage Day #HealthQuiz 2019!

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