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National Strategy for Viral Hepatitis B and C (NSVH), 2023-2030

by Public Health Update

The National Strategy for Viral Hepatitis B and C 2023-2030 (NSVH) focuses on strengthening existing preventive services for viral hepatitis B and C and further expand the coverage of diagnostics and treatment services to the communities.


Transmission of Hepatitis B and C transmission is halted and everyone has access to safe, affordable, and effective prevention, care and treatment services.


Eliminate viral Hepatitis B and C as a major public health threat by 2030.


The national strategic plan is expected to achieve the following impact targets for Nepal by 2030:

  • 90% reduction of new cases of chronic viral Hepatitis B and C by 2030.
  • 65% reduction of viral Hepatitis B and C deaths by 2030.

Strategic action

Hepatitis B vaccination program

  • Ensure all new-borns receives a birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine as soon as possible following birth.
  • Ensure universal coverage of the Hep B vaccine for children.
  • Ensure Hepatitis B immunization of all healthcare workers
  • Ensure Hepatitis B vaccination for priority populations

Prevention of mother to child transmission of viral hepatitis

  • Ensure all pregnant mothers receive Hepatitis B service as part of PMTCT/ ANC service package.

Harm Reduction Program

  • Improved health services to prevent viral hepatitis transmission among PWIDs and PLHIV
  • Increased awareness regarding Viral Hepatitis among the key populations

Blood Safety

Ensure availability of safe blood products.

Strengthen Infection Control Practices

  • Strengthen government commitment and policies that ensure infection control practices
  • Strengthen infection control at all levels of health care.

Diagnosis and treatment

  • Strengthen diagnostic services for viral hepatitis
  • Strengthen case management for viral Hepatitis
  • Establishing private public partnership and community-based models of service delivery


  • Strengthening M&E and surveillance systems for viral hepatitis.
  • Strengthening the capacity of laboratories for surveillance activities


  • Steering Committee
  • Technical Working Group
  • Hepatitis Unit (NCASC)

Community engagement to improve diagnostic and treatment services on Hepatitis

Priority population for Viral Hepatitis B and C infection
  • People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Person who inject intravenous drugs (PWID)
  • Sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender and migrants
  • Prisoners and previously incarcerated persons
  • Health-care workers
  • Patients on haemodialysis
  • Patient with chronic liver disease
  • Recipients of blood transfusion prior to the introduction of HCV screening of blood and blood products
  • Patient with conditions requiring multiple blood transfusion
  • Persons who have received surgical or dental interventions or received tattoo/piercing in unsterile setting
  • Pregnant women.

Download: National Strategy for Viral Hepatitis B and C 2023-2030 (NSVH)

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