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Infectious Disease Act Nepal, 2020(1964)

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Infectious Disease Act Nepal, 2020(1964)

Date of Authentication and Publication 2020.11.16 (28 February 1964)

Infectious Disease Act, 2020(1964)

Infectious Disease Act, 2020(1964)

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Whereas, it is expedient to make provisions for the root out or prevention of any infectious disease which spreads or is likely to spread throughout the Nepal or any part
thereof so that such disease cannot reach to its climax; Now, therefore, His Majesty King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev has, on the
advice and with the consent of the National Panchayat, enacted this Act.
1. Short title, extent and commencement:
(1) This Act may be called as the “Infectious Disease Act, 2020 (1964)”.
(2) It shall extend to the all over the Nepal.
(3) It shall come into force immediately.
Powers to make special provisions: (1) Where any infectious disease develops or spreads or is likely to spread on the ? …………. human beings throughout the Nepal or any part thereof, Government of Nepal may take necessary action to root out or prevent that disease and may issue necessary orders applicable to the general
public or a group of any persons.
(2) Government of Nepal may designate any official and confer necessary powers to such official to make necessary arrangements in order to root out or
prevent any infectious disease that has been developed or spread or is likely to spread on the ? ……………human beings.
(3) Without prejudice to the generality of sub-section (1) or (2), Government of Nepal may issue necessary orders for the purpose of conducting
examination of any animals, birds being transported on foot or by any means of  conveyance or of any passengers and holding any
? ………….passengers by the official designated for examination in quarantine in hospitals or other places where the official is doubtful that such ? …………..passengers have developed any infectious disease or of inspecting or controlling the transportation or movement by any means.

3. Punishment:

(1) A person who violates this Act or disregards any order issued under this Act shall be liable to punishment of imprisonment for a term not exceeding One month or a fine not exceeding One Hundred Rupees or with both.
(2) A person who obstructs a person authorized under this Act with the performance of his/her duties shall be liable to punishment of imprisonment for a
term not exceeding Six months or a fine not exceeding Six Hundred Rupees or with both.

4. Powers to try and settle cases: The Chief District Officer ? shall have  powers to try and settle cases on offenses committed under this Act.

5. Saving of act done in good faith: Where a person authorized under this Act carries out an act in good faith in the course of performing any of his/her duties,
no lawsuit or any other legal action may be instituted or taken against such person.

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