Program Coordinator, Community Healthcare- Possible


Program Coordinator, Community Healthcare- Possible: Program Coordinator, Community Healthcare – Achham, State 7

Possible is seeking an entrepreneurial Community Healthcare Program Coordinator to serves to champion the notion that effective healthcare must take place continuously at sites of care outside the district hospital, namely in the community and at patient’s homes and ensuring that patients are followed up and their care is viewed through a population lens.

The organization: Possible

Possible, also known as Nyaya Health, is a nonprofit organization delivering healthcare to underserved communities in Nepal in partnership with the Ministry of Health. With over 300 full time staff, we deliver care to over 150,000 patients annually in two hospital hubs and through our community health worker network. We have witnessed dramatic results through our integrated hospital-to-home model that has helped reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. We envision a future where everyone, regardless of location or income, is guaranteed universal health coverage as a human right.

The Opportunity: Are you the right fit?

The Program Coordinator will coordinate between hubs and hub leads (CHPA) to support hub management and program implementation and play a central role in defining and coordinating stakeholder engagement to support leads in local hubs as needed. Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, captured by our For-Impact Culture Code.

Lastly, you’re a believer, not an employee. And you’re looking for an opportunity to use your time and energy to transform an early stage organization and impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

Management Structure:

  • Reports to: Community Healthcare Provincial Lead
  • Direct Reports: Community Health Program Associate
  • Department: Community HealthCare
  • Location: Achham


  • Education-BPH, BN/BSC Nursing or relevant similar management or health degree.
  • Experience: Two year’s minimum experience in public health program implementation, evidence based decision making using data and presentation of report, engagement of stakeholder; and managing team in public health program
  • Skills and Abilities-Strong command in Nepali Language, MS package, Problem solving, Mentorship, Relationship Management, Stakeholders engagement


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Big 3 Responsibilities:

  1. Provide mentorship to community healthcare program hubs and team under her/ his area of responsibility to support robust implementation of community healthcare programs.
  2. Utilize data and metrics to monitor, evaluate, report and guide program implementation with mentorship and guidance from Community Healthcare Provincial Lead.
  3. Build, and streamline Stakeholder Engagement Plans and protocols to support CHPAs for a targeted and effective relationships management with stakeholders.

Area of Responsibility (AoR):

The Program Coordinator will be mainly responsible for overseeing the following areas of responsibilities:

  1. Provide mentorship to community healthcare program hubs and team under her/ his area of responsibility to support robust implementation of community healthcare programs.
  • The Program Coordinator reports to Community Healthcare Provincial Lead and is responsible for management of team within her/ his responsibility on a daily basis.
  •  Supervise, mentor and serve as the direct contact for the Community Health Program Associate (CHPA) working within her/ his area of responsibility.
  •  Conduct a weekly one-on-one meeting with direct reports and manager.
  • Conduct annual performance evaluations for direct reports with comprehensive actionable recommendations provided to staff where needed as per organization’s performance review system. Ensure compliance to organization’s communications platform, including Asana, Gmail, and Gcal, for effective communication.
  • The Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring team members within her/ his responsibilities are adhering to organizational systems and tools to the highest standard and are working across teams effectively to drive the programs and organization forward.
  • Support Community Health Program Associates to start and strengthen operation and management capacities hubs in new and old hubs. 
  •  Ensure all financial, operations, and data systems are running in hubs under her/ his responsibilities as per plan so that the annual and quarterly objectives are achieved.
  •  Ensure regular field visit (atleast once for quarter) and spend at least two weeks in each hub under her/ his responsibility to understand hub management, mentor hub leads (CHPAs) and provide recommendations to Community Healthcare Provincial Lead.
  • Collaborate teams to align on programmatic, management and logistic needs in hubs.
  • Support in recruitment processes, onboard new members, mentor staff members to help them work at their full potential and support in development of employees who are not achieving their AoRs by collaborating with Community Healthcare Provincial lead and People Operations team.
  • Support Hub Leads (CHPAs) to assess Professional Development needs in respective hubs across all tiers, collaborate with People Operations team to build Professional Development annual plan to meet the needs and ensure its execution. 

2.Utilize data and metrics to monitor, evaluate, report and guide program implementation with mentorship and guidance from Community Healthcare Provincial Lead

  • Contribute as a thought partner with the Community Healthcare Provincial Lead for development of Community Healthcare metrics to inform program effectiveness and stakeholder engagements.
  • Utilize monthly and quarterly Community Healthcare metrics for the hubs, and work with the team to ensure program targets and objectives are met.
  • Ensure utilization of Community Healthcare and Impact developed program tools for care delivery and data collection.
  • Program Coordinator should actively participate in monthly review session at the CHP internal monthly data of each hub, and then present findings from their overall coverage area to the Provincial Lead/CH Director.
  • Ensure each CHPA is reviewing monthly data of their respective CHN and coverage area in order, especially to establish and implement program priorities.
  • Ensure CHPA understand where their programmatic gaps are, and individual specific gaps so that they understand where to target their time and energy.
  •  For targets not met, submit recommendations to your manager on programmatic action that needs to be taken to improve the targets in their area (program recommendations, HR needs, additional support, etc)
  • Assist Community Health Program Associate to improve every aspect of data collection and reporting, including accuracy, internal consistency, completeness, and timeliness.
  •  Work in close guidance of Community Healthcare Provincial Lead to support Hubs Leads to identify quality gaps through data and evidence and develop Quality Improvement projects to address those gaps.

3.Build, and streamline Stakeholder Engagement Plans and protocols to support CHPA’s for a targeted and effective relationships management with stakeholders.

  • Work closely with Community Healthcare Provincial Lead to develop protocols and targeted stakeholder engagement plans and execute collaboratively with Hub Leads (CHPAs).
  • Ensure the Stakeholder Engagement plan’s execution and all tiers of Community Health care Program in hubs are working closely and collaboratively with local health institutions and local government bodies.
  • Support Community Health Program Associates to build and continue strong working relationship with local government partners in all CH hubs.
  • Supporting Provincial Lead to obtaining expansion and program implementation approvals. 

The above list of responsibilities is not comprehensive, and the Program Coordinator may be required to take on additional responsibilities, as determined by the Provincial Lead.

Interested individuals (Nepalese citizens) are requested to apply by September 21, 2018. Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

 Application Process & OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 

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